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Dangerous goods on expired sites
Written on the 1 July 2014 by Workcover NSW
Image source WorkCover NSW
WorkCover NSW is here to help improve safety for workers and businesses.
Our high consequence, low frequency program is designed to identify high risk industries and activities, and provide tailored safety advice and assistance.
The storage of large quantities of dangerous goods requires a specialised approach to safety management. For this reason, WorkCover requires notification of these sites. It is also important that this information remains up to date as it is used by other government agencies – eg Fire & Rescue NSW.
Sites that have not provided current information about their dangerous goods storage are referred to as ‘expired’.
The current program will focus on expired sites with underground storage tanks that have been previously used to store flammable gases or liquids. If these tanks have not been appropriately maintained or decommissioned, they pose a serious risk of fire, explosion and contamination of the environment.
Over the next twelve months WorkCover will be visiting expired sites across NSW providing practical advice and assistance to ensure:
  • all hazardous chemicals are being stored and handled safely
  • any underground storage tanks that are no longer in use have been appropriately decommissioned.
WorkCover has the most up to date information about the types of dangerous goods being stored on these sites.
Here are some tips to help you stay safe when working around dangerous goods:
  • implement an appropriate system for the safe management of hazardous chemicals, this includes having a hazardous chemicals register and manifest, placards, emergency plan and notification;
  • make sure any underground storage tanks that are no longer in use have been appropriately decommissioned
  • and always use a suitably qualified person to carry out the work
  • ensure the notification of dangerous goods on your premises is up to date.
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