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UST / UPSS Tank Decommissioning & Removal, Sydney Australia

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Integral Environmental Solutions Pty Ltd. (IES) is an approved environmental engineering consulting firm specialising in petro-chemical underground tank removal (decommissioning), tank installation services, maintenance and repair. We provide services for water intrusion into tanks as required by insurance companies or for individuals requiring a strategy for solving water intrusion problems with their UPSS system.

Integral Environmental Solutions Pty Ltd. operates mainly in the Sydney Metropolitan region, working in conjunction with a wide range of professional consultants and contractors both in the public and the private sectors, including Sydney Water, Sydney Airport, Transport Roads & Maritime and various local government authorities.

Our completed projects include residential and rural sub-divisions, water and sewer reticulation, road and storm water drainage works and car park construction. These works include contracts of up to and in excess of $5 million.

Our company policy is to deliver customer satisfaction by constructing works that comply with all specified plans, OH&S legislation and all other regulations.
Integral Environmental Solutions Pty Ltd. specialist environmental consultants have invaluable experience in delivering projects in a broad range of environmental engineering activities that meet and often exceed our client's expectations.

The NSW UPSS Regulation was amended in November 2011 to extend the EPA’s role as appropriate regulatory authority for the implementation of the Regulation for another five years to June 2017. It is anticipated that Councils will resume broader regulatory roles under the Regulation after this date. Further information on implementing the NSW UPSS Regulation in
NSW EPA UPSS Guidelines.

Integral Environmental Solutions Pty Ltd. provides the following petrol station services:

  • EPA Reports
  • Phase 1 Reports
  • UPSS Management
  • Monitoring Well Installation
  • UPSS Loss Monitoring
  • Environment Protection Plan (EPP)
  • UPSS Exemption Plans
  • UPSS Tank Testing
  • Line & Tank Testing
  • Tank Decommissioning
  • Tank Removal & Validation Reports
  • Contamination Site Assessment
  • Forensic Engineering Investigation & Reporting

Integral Environmental Solutions Pty Ltd specialist environmental consultant is a trusted partner and contractor for the environmental engineering industry throughout New South Wales. We build on our good name and reputation as a systems certified contractor by adherence to health and safety, quality assurance procedures, employee training, attention to detail, and delivery of projects ahead of schedule and within budget.